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"I went as the sound guy, but soon found that I was in the company of very deep and committed souls who I really loved sharing with, travelling with, and ultimately recording with. To say the sound, the singing and the vibe in remarkable places were all beautiful and mystical would be an understatement! I would do it again, anytime, and Stellar is an inspirational, mature and wise leader, capable of bringing out the best in everyone." ~ Craig Pruess, Film Composer. UK

"How can I put into words, I am not eloquent, but this comes from a heart full of Love and Gratitude. The love and support you have given and continue to give to us all, you are a divine inspiration, a Wisdom Keeper, a Divine Mother and a dear sister and more. You give tirelessly of your love and time and energy, anytime day or night. You have given me courage, love, support, self belief and confidence all unconditionally in the purest of Love. I am so proud, humbled and honoured to walk with you and for you and look forward to Delphi and Egypt with you once again."   ~ J R Scotland

"Singing with Stellar is unforgettable! The sacred sounds of 432hz, inspired by the sacred places of our journey together, as a group of 22. Each tone a jewel. The soaring heights of tone. Angel wings made of light and sound... It barely begins to describe certain moments that we experienced together, in the castle, the grotto, and in the Rennes Le Chateaux church especially." ~ A.W California USA

In the three short years (feels like a lifetime!) that I have known Stellar, my entire life has changed. I have grown in ways I didn't even know I could. I am in the true unfolding embodiment of my authentic self because she continues to masterfully and lovingly support my journey here. Her wise guidance has always been generous and perfectly in tune with my natural, spiritual evolution. This is not even to mention my relationship to my singing voice and the freedom I now experience as a sound healer and a musician. Beyond all of what she has done for me, what matters more is what she IS to me. She is one of my closest confidantes, my sister, and trusted advisor. She is the sword of truth and justice piercing the dark heart with joy and laughter. I trust her in all ways and give thanks every day that she is alive, in this world, serving the greater good and showing us how. ~ E.S Colorado USA.

"I have found Stellar to be an exceptional teacher of the heart. She has a loving presence in her being and voice that is unmistakeable, yet she is grounded, authentic and real with a heart of Gold. I admire her being a single mother and putting her child first in all her endeavours and how she makes the time to sing, train and teach and hold retreats is amazing in her busy schedule. I am grateful of the time we get to spend together which is always pure joy." ~ L.D Germany

"Thank you to you Stellar for organising and holding the space for us all. Your Sensitivity to each and every one of us and our various needs, your Authenticity and Energy surpasses all, you truly are the ever giving Earth Mother ~ In Love and Greatest Respect ~ Abundant Bright Blessings to a BeautiFull Warrior Priestess." ~ P.C UK

"The journey to France was a life altering experience! I went there as the old version of me, but returned home as a totally different person with new perspectives and a new love of life. Stellar has the wonderful ability to create a space where it is safe for everyone to be who they are and still feel loved and accepted. I would recommend to anyone who is interested and ready to do such a transformational journey, both physically as well as internally, to immediately attend one of the retreats that Stellar arranges. To do what you do and be who you are is not for everyone and you do it and are it with such love, strength, compassion and joy. Love you and I am so honoured and thankful to have met you in this lifetime and in this time of life " ~ N.F Finland

"Listening to the deep callings from your heart brings you to places, people, sounds that you never could imagine. Traveling with a group of soul sisters and soul brothers to dive deep into a Magdalena Sacred Feminine journey in Cathar country in France. What an incredible, angelic, blessed, healing and soundfull journey. For me it is difficult to find words, the sound that comes from our hearts, says everything. Stellar, thank you for making this journey possible, for sounding in so many Ancient places, for the incredible prayers and intentions we made for humanity and for all the children. Thank you for walking together with me for the last 7 years. Thank you for your music in 432Hz and bringing it to this beautiful Earth.  Love you. " ~ E H, Sound Healer, Netherlands. 

"I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to you. After accompanying you on a sacred journey to Puivert, France, I can only describe the visit as life transforming, heart opening and this was due to your personal skills as a group organiser, musician, songstress and an incredible sound healer guiding the group by gently supporting everyone with gentle encouragement and loving positivity. I can only speak for myself when I say I will never be the same again. Your loving support has encouraged me to move forward into what is my life’s purpose. My gratitude is beyond words and I look forward to continuing our friendship in the future and working on many projects together. Love and deepest thanks once again." ~ J. S. England, UK

"Harmonising Frequencies of Love. This is the phrase that came to my mind while thinking of my experiences with Stellar. We have been Virtual Friends for several years before synchronicities brought us together in real life. Stellar is a Being of Loving Wisdom. A Mystic of Divine Light. Always connecting, weaving, harmonising Heaven and Earth through the Gifts of her Heart and Grace of her voice. You know when you Journey with Stellar, something very wonderful will unfold! These Soulfully lead journey's will enhance our remembering and bring us more completely to our Life Purpose. If your Heart is open and ready Stellar is your woman! I place my Faith and Trust in her on these Journeys as my Guiding Light that brings me closer to home. Let the magic unfold!". ~ M.L Suffolk, UK